New Leaf Symbiotics

Build a sustainable career in sustainable agriculture. Few areas of science have the potential to improve as many lives as agriculture. At NewLeaf our vision is to sustainably improve crop yields around the world – and we need your talent and drive to move us forward. Our rapidly growing, St. Louis-based team is just beginning to unlock the power of M-trophs. We hope you’ll join us as we invent the future of agriculture. We guarantee it will be an exciting, rewarding journey. NewLeaf Symbiotics was formed in 2012 to develop and commercialize one of the most prevalent, beneficial bacteria found in nature: PPFMs (Pink Pigmented Facultative Methylotrophs). NewLeaf Symbiotics is the exclusive licensee of a number of patents on the use of this family of bacteria. NewLeaf Symbiotics has also filed its own related patents, and is actively developing new technologies related to PPFMs. The Company is engaged in laboratory, greenhouse, and field product trials and expects to commercialize and license products beginning in 2014.