Our mission is putting you in control of your own health! For many people, safe and timely access to birth control and PrEP is their most important healthcare need. Nurx™ is committed to giving our patients full control of their sexual health. We are devoted to disrupting the healthcare system and making positive changes within the community. Control over your sexual health is a basic right, and something everyone deserves, with no judgment. Access to birth control and PrEP should be as easy as getting any preventive medication, and by embracing and driving change we are one step closer to that goal. Any individual who wants to be in control of their health, should be able to, without extreme costs or lack of access to knowledgeable providers. At Nurx, we know that you don’t have time for another trip to the doctor’s office or the pharmacy. Especially right before that big presentation at work, or that final exam. We help put patients back in control of their sexual health decisions and to choose when and how they begin birth control or PrEP.