Orb Energy

Orb Energy was founded by Damian Miller and NP Ramesh in 2006. By 2007, Orb was operational in India with the mission to make solar energy affordable, available, and hassle-free to customers looking for a better energy alternative. Since its founding, Orb has sold more than 160,000 solar systems, with cumulative installations of more than 75MW of rooftop solar systems. Orb provides a range of solar energy solutions (solar electricity and solar water heating) to residential, commercial and industrial customers. Our focus is particularly Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) as they are a largely under-served part of the market. To enable SMEs to afford solar, we have set-up an in-house finance facility to provide extended payment terms to commercial and industrial customers. Rooftop systems deliver a 3-4 year payback to commercial and industrial customers and we aim to match the tenure of the loan with their payback. We do this without asking our customers for any collateral, other than the rooftop solar system itself. about-better-energy-alternative manufacturing Also, what makes Orb Energy unique is that we manufacture our own solar panels and solar water heating systems in-house to control quality and cost. In this sense we are vertically integrated from manufacturing to sales to installation and finance. Orb is head-quartered in Bangalore, India and employs approximately 300 people. Orb started its operations in Kenya in 2014 to replicate its India model in Africa.