Oroeco’s award-winning team and advisors include Nobel Prize winning climate scientists, tech pioneers, gaming wizards, acclaimed artists, and innovative educators. Our mission is to harness technology to empower us all to live our values, solving some of the world’s biggest problems along the way. From climate change to living wages, your daily choices really do matter, and we think you deserve to be rewarded for creating a better future for everyone. We combine social gaming with full life cycle sustainability data from partners like UC Berkeley’s CoolClimate Network, Trucost, LinkCycle, and CSRHub to bring you the best information to guide your decisions. What is Oroeco? A fun, easy, and rewarding way for everyone to help solve climate change! See which choices really matter, save money, earn rewards, and inspire your community to be part of a collective solution to global warming! Track your climate footprint: Automatically track your climate impacts with the world’s best carbon footprint calculator. See how every part of your life connects to global warming, from driving and flying to your eating, shopping, and home energy efficiency choices. Take action to save money and the planet: Our personalized tips show you which climate actions will reduce the most pollution while saving you money, and you can change climate for the better by supporting the best carbon offset projects that help people and the planet. Compare, collaborate and inspire: Inspire your community into action by sharing, competing and collaborating with all your friends. See how your climate impacts and actions compare with your friends and neighbors, and help everyone to become a Climate Champion!