People Power

Our company was born with the intrinsic goal of helping humanize the Internet of Things. With that passion, we have earned the trust of smart home consumers worldwide, every day. Our people centric- and mobile-first solutions are designed to bring supportive and reassuring outcomes, built on our commitment to superb customer experience. We solve real challenges for real people in their daily lives. We know how to build relationships with consumers at nearly any scale. And our solutions are always built with future proofing and flexibility that evolving IoT opportunities demand. Consumers love us. Supported by instantaneous behavioral insights from our popular award-winning smart home app, Presence, we understand what it takes to deliver IoT experiences that customers love – and how to build and bring them to market. So now, it’s personal. It’s our personal mission to help protect people and their homes for safety and efficiency, and even keep an eye on loved ones near or far. It’s about the people, after all. – Gene Wang, CEO People Power is a smart home services enablement company for energy, security, and care, headquartered in Palo Alto, California with offices worldwide. We are a company of dreamers, and doers – designers, engineers, visionaries and practicalists. We dare to imagine. On a daily basis, we consider the emerging capabilities of our award-winning app, Presence, and how to bring help and relief to real people in real-world situations. Our Presence app has recorded and sent over 80 million video alerts and reached the number one trending app of 2 million apps available in the Apple App Store (July 16-17, 2016). Presence is ranked with the top 0.1% of revenue-generating apps on the U.S. Apple App Store with a paid conversion rate above 4%. To our business customers, what’s most exciting about all this is our ability to white-label our successes into new revenue possibilities for them. Our goal is to help business customers serve their customers better. Our B2B2C business model and flexible People Power IoT Suite integrates with any need or vision of IoT. Our entire cloud infrastructure was designed for a true mobile-first experience. Everything today is mobile. We build and deliver for iOS, Android and web. Our white-label capabilities mean you can now drive new value into your company’s brand with a proven turn-key solution for the Internet of Things.