Perch Mobility

Perch unlocks the full market potential of dockless shared mobility. We provide the needed missing infrastructure -carts, racks, and scaled power supply to both scooter operators and their charging communities. Scooter charging Pods & Suites. Unlimited charging: Everything you need to turn into a super charger overnight. We provide the location, power, and racks. You get the scooters! Built by chargers for chargers. Our charge centers are conveniently located in high density scooters markets. Stay productive getting your scooters from capture to power in minimal time. Secure charging areas provide you dedicated power to charge your scooter bounty. Our patent pending scooter racks, pallets and carts will make the process of loading, charging, and unloading back to your vehicle fast. ‚Äč Express Charge powers scooters in half the time. (available in suites only)