PolyPlus Battery

Polyplus develops advanced lithium battery technology: the ultimate in lightweight energy storage. PolyPlus invented and patented the protected lithium electrode (PLE™), a core technology that enables the use of ultra-light metallic lithium anodes in batteries. PolyPlus has used the PLE concept to develop both primary and rechargeable batteries with lithium metal anodes. PolyPlus’ inventions include non-aqueous lithium/sulfur batteries, primary lithium-water, primary and rechargeable lithium-air, and rechargeable aqueous lithium-sulfur batteries. PolyPlus currently has 18 employees (14 technical and 4 administrative/facilities). PolyPlus has a well-equipped R&D facility in a 13,000 ft2 building in Berkeley, CA. In 2013, PolyPlus installed a semi-automated pilot line to produce PLEs.