Our quest started with a puzzle. How is it that neighboring fields, with identical climates, cultivated by the same farmer, with the same seeds, fertilizers and irrigation, produce widely varied yields, sometimes tens of percentage apart? We specialize in analytics, so we assumed that an answer is hidden in the data. Searching for it, we’ve founded Prospera with a mission of turning agricultural produce into a predictable and optimized asset. As the green revolution loses steam, digitalization will replace it as the engine of farm productivity growth. Data-rich, digitized production systems will become crucial to meet the demand dynamics driven by population growth and rising standards of food quality and environmental sustainability. We help the world’s leading growers transform into digital, agile, and efficient businesses. Our solutions are pragmatic and down to earth, as our muddy boots testify. We bring the data expertise, our customers have the growing experience. From this interaction comes transformation. Prospera is a fast growing company, with customers in 3 continents, and blue chip financial backing. Our system now covers the entire production cycle, but that original variable yield puzzle remains our guiding challenge.