Enabling the green revolution by providing the bridge to renewable materials. Can you imagine a world where we’re no longer reliant on fossil fuels to enjoy the products & processes that power our lives? We can. And we do. Every day. Renmatix, at its core, is a purpose-driven company. We are on a mission to produce and proliferate natural, sustainable products that are comprehensively people, animal, and environmentally friendly. We spent years in research and development and invested millions of dollars towards this end. And, we are proud to have achieved incredible breakthroughs in water-based chemistry, which provide effective, affordable, alternatives to petroleum-based materials. Our award-winning Plantrose® Process is a first-in-kind technology that uses just water and plants to produce a range of non-food sugars and new lignins that are cheaper, cleaner and greener than other plant-derived equivalents. These plant sugars and lignins are used as ingredients with vast utility in everything from foods to fuels to industrial applications. Ours are the bio building blocks needed to easily replace a vast number of unsustainable, harmful petro-derived materials and ingredients. In our initial stages, we focused on driving innovation within the global biochemical and biofuel markets. Because of our novel and promising platform, we attracted some of the world's most prestigious investors and coveted strategic customers like BASF & Total. We chose to license our technology to downstream producers in an aim to make this important innovation more broadly available, to achieve the biggest impact. Through this endeavor, we are honored to have become a recognized pioneer in the emerging biobased economy. Now, we are evolving. Our scientists have developed a fresh generation of plant-based innovations, powering an exciting new portfolio of Plantrose products. These transformative new materials and water-extracted ingredients reach additional markets including food, personal care and beauty, and a growing range of industrial applications.This decision was driven by our ongoing commitment to harness truly green chemistry, to create a more sustainable world, and to continue advancing the biobased economy in a meaningful way. Ultimately, through market traction in new consumer products categories, we aim to raise the profile of our clean manufacturing breakthroughs, and accelerate a path to the construction of a network of biorefineries (commercial scale manufacturing facilities that produce green Plantrose Products and ingredients, derived from renewable non-food plant sources).‎ We believe we are on the brink of a plant-based revolution, and this next phase of our work is critical to that transition.