RNAgri is a startup making huge progress in RNA production and RNAi products. RNAi, which is an abbreviation for RNA interference, is a technology that relies on gene regulation without the heritable effects on DNA. Because RNAi works downstream from DNA, it is not genetic modification and therefore is non-GMO. RNAgri has developed technology that will allow the cost-efficient production of RNA for topical RNAi uses in broad acre agriculture and in urban-structural pest control. Other high use rate applications for RNA such as for RNAi in aquaculture or animal husbandry could also benefit. RNAi has potential to provide non-GMO traits in the field without genetic modification. RNAi is extremely specific and can provide very selective insect control without potential for off target effects; this opens up the potential for beneficial insects and improvements in biodiversity. This technology can reverse herbicide resistance in weeds and pesticide resistance in insects. The agricultural traits and agricultural and urban and structural pest control businesses provide enormous value to society and generate billions of dollars in revenue for major agricultural companies. RNAi based products will provide complements and replacements for many current technologies and thus will create enormous value for agricultural companies and for society at large. RNAgri has dependable third party validation of its Intellectual Property as well as unfettered freedom to operate. It is represented by a preeminent legal firm with a track record in biotech IP.