Royal Society for the Protection of Birds

Our work will continue to reach far beyond the UK, working with our partners to help protect habitats and save endangered birds and wildlife overseas. We're part of BirdLife international, a network of passionate organisations, working together to save shared nature across the globe. We’re proud of our partnerships and their ongoing successes, and dedicated to continuing our work together protecting nature across borders. Here is a small selection of our international priorities: Together with BirdLife International and others partners, we will continue our work on the Birds Without Borders programme, helping to conserve migrant birds on their journey between Europe and Africa. The Albatross Task Force will continue it's successful work to protect albatrosses, killed in their tens of thousands every year by longline fishing. We will tackle the threats to resting seabirds by invasive species on islands in the Atlantic and Pacific. We will focus our work on the UK oversea territories, recognising the UKs unique responsibility for the wildlife they support.