Save Energy Systems

The Save Energy Systems Demand-Limiting Controller (DLC) is a patented, intelligent, networked system that automatically manages and optimizes energy usage of HVAC systems at industrial, commercial and retail facilities. The DLC system uses distributed sensors and advanced logic to individually control all onsite HVAC compressors and fans, thereby reducing total maximum energy demand, kWh use, and overall power consumption. It also combines internal sensor data from discrete zones with external conditions to ensure optimal building conditions. Its operation are completely automated, while also providing on-line, managed control from any pc, tablet of phone, with appropriate credentials. The Save Energy Systems DLC is designed specifically to reduce the demand charges associated with HVAC. It is a cost-saving product that enables precision control of most HVAC systems. It’s perfect for businesses such as health clubs, auto dealers, retailers, offices, and distribution/logistics warehouses. By installing our patented DLC system, businesses such as these can take advantage of the same energy-saving techniques employed by big corporations, and efficiently manage the equipment that’s the largest component of their energy bill: the HVAC system.