Shockwave Motors

At Shockwave Motors™ We started with a clean sheet of paper and an open mind. The electric roadsters were designed with the help of a international team of experts. The Defiant EV3 Roadster™ is designed from the ground up to capitalize on the efficiencies of an electric car; with an eye on a sporty design. We designed a "purpose built" electric vehicle, not modifying an existing body style. Our plug-in electric roadsters are an innovative combination of the best of today's propulsion technology and sleek, aerodynamic styling. Our solution is to provide a high performance, yet relatively low cost, electric car that the average consumer can afford. We are designing into the roadster key safety features including: seatbelts, roll cage protection, extra spacing between the front occupant and the sides of the car, and front and rear crumple zones. Our full sized, pure electric car is roadworthy and very stable. The Canadian Institute for Advanced Transportation (ITAQ), working in association with three Canadian universities, validated the design of our electric roadster. The roadster's "old school" style has been very well received and comments have included: "Wow, what ride", "Exotic", "Awesome", "Sharp looking and Ecological", "Looks great", "Epic".