RENEWABLE ENERGY Solar, Wind, Hydro, etc. Anything that isn’t coal, oil or natural gas based ENERGY EFFICIENCY & RESILIENCY Building efficiency, energy storage, remote monitoring, etc Anything that allows us to do more or use less especially when our infrastructure is under duress SUSTAINABLE BUSINESSES Businesses that take sustainability as a first principle – naturally leading to higher revenues, better margins, and superior risk management. WATER INFRASTRUCTURE & TECHNOLOGY “Water, water every where… But not a drop to drink.” Water stress is an emerging theme that demands attention WASTE MANAGEMENT & TECHNOLOGY Millions of tons of waste annually represent billions of dollars of value. Rather than landfilling the waste, we monetize it. CARBON Emissions are squarely in the regulatory crosshairs. We have companies that generate value from flue gas while mitigating the risk. AGTECH Where technology meets agriculture – drones, sensors, software and advanced biology