Soluna is a blockchain company powering the blockchain-economy with low-cost renewable energy. they are supporting the next wave of innovations at scale. From cryptocurrency mining to other high-density computations, they are empowering the Blockchain revolution. Soluna plans to vertically integrate best-in-the-world renewable power generation experience and capabilities with blockchain computing facilities. By doing so, Soluna can mine cryptocurrencies more cheaply and with less adverse environmental impact than other companies. Soluna aims to address this problem by building computing centers powered by environmentally clean, utility-scale renewable green energy. Their mission is to power the crypto-economy with clean, low-cost renewable energy. To do this, they are building a blockchain infrastructure and mining company that owns its own renewable energy resources. By developing renewable energy power plants dedicated to on-site, high-density computing, Soluna will add a unique innovation to the blockchain ecosystem: vertical integration. Their energy systems and computing technology will be self-contained, distributed, scalable, and flexible, allowing them to achieve efficiencies only obtainable with utility-scale operations. Through this simple but effective approach, Soluna will be the infrastructure backbone of the blockchain revolution.