SRECTrade, Inc. focuses on three core areas within the Solar Renewable Energy Certificate (SREC) markets: - Transacting SRECs - Developing useful software for market participants - Providing detailed research and analysis on market trends SRECTrade is one of the largest SREC transaction and management firms in the industry, with over 215 MW of solar assets under management. The company facilitates the brokerage of spot and forward contract SREC transactions in the over-the-counter markets. SRECTrade facilitates transactions for buyers and sellers to seamlessly execute transactions across multiple SREC markets in an efficient online format. SRECTrade’s clients cover all market participants including, competitive electricity suppliers, utilities, project developers, PPA providers, leasing companies, installation firms, and individual commercial and residential system owners. The software developed by SRECTrade is used by solar owners to track their SREC generation and issuance, manage and execute transactions, and enroll facilities with state regulators. Since 2008, SRECTrade has been one of the leading sources for information regarding SREC price trends and legislative updates, bringing a wealth of knowledge and transparency to some of the fastest growing state markets in the solar industry. SRECTrade is based in San Francisco, CA.