Sunrise Energy

Powering a Better Future Working with stakeholders worldwide, with a focus on frontier and emerging markets in Asia, Sunrise Energy secures sustainable benefits for society, nature and investors by using renewable resources to cleanly produce electricity. Using solar and wind resources replaces the ups-and-downs of fuel prices with long-term stable electricity prices, reducing risk and stress for industry and households. Turning solar and wind into electricity is a clean process which keeps the air clean and does not require precious water needed by households, farmers and industry. To minimize risk and maximize performance we design projects using high quality components to assure reliability for lenders, offtakers and operators. Better Value for Utilities and Corporations We develop solar, wind, storage and power systems to supply electricity via long-term power purchase agreements with public utilities and private commercial and industrial consumers. Our projects are funded by international project finance. To secure investors' returns, due diligence evaluates offtakers' business viability and readiness to accept and honour the terms of the power purchase agreement. At the utility scale we develop solar and wind power plants operating as independent power producers supplying electricity under long-term contracts. We also build regional power systems primarily using renewable resources in areas without electricity. For commercial and industrial consumers we build on-site solar and off-site solar and wind, where regulation allows. We work with industrial zones to maximize renewable energy at the design stage to reduce cost and enhance energy security. To assure enduring value our projects must be acceptable to local people as well as economically viable. We carefully assess electricity policies and plans plus business conditions in each market to identify a solid foundation for projects. In general, we identify and develop utility and corporate projects with our partners. However, corporations with at least one hectare of open ground or roof space and ready to contract a long-term power purchase agreement are invited to discuss energy collaboration prospects with us.