Sunvapor’s team has a long history of innovation in solar energy, starting with setting the world record for solar concentration in 1988. The team is composed of graduates from MIT, Berkeley, the University of Chicago, and has expertise in a range of fields including physics, mechanical engineering, civil & structural engineering, and medicine. The team has been at the forefront of solar thermal power and process heat, energy storage, and photovoltaic systems. We offer renewable, clean process heat at a lower price than fossil fuels - Our systems yield savings on natural gas and propane to agricultural and industrial customers. - No capital investment is made by the customer. The plant is owned and operated by an energy services company. - We provide renewable heat contracts for steam, hot oil, or hot water. - We optimize the design of the plant for cost, performance, and reliability, from a wide array of technology choices. - We help customers with their bottom-line fuel costs, and a top-line revenue boost from marketing sustainability Renewable process heat is the "Sleeping Giant" - Following closely after renewable electricity, it's the trend sweeping Europe, India, and Asia. - More then 42% of the energy consumed by manufacturing is in the form of heat, not electricity. - It brings new economic opportunities to rural communities.