Synthetic Genomics

Synthetic Genomics develops and commercializes genomic-driven solutions to address global energy and environmental challenges. The company engages in synthesizing and programming DNA in developing and utilizing the technologies in synthetic genomics. It designs and develops microbes for industrial processes and environmental applications. The company also develops microbial cultivation technologies and monitoring approaches that reveal novel microorganisms, suites of new genes, and fermentation platforms for metabolic engineering of microbes for commercial Bioenergy applications. In addition, it involves in designing advanced biofuels with properties compared to ethanol and biodiesel; harnessing photosynthetic organisms to produce value added products directly from sunlight and carbon dioxide; developing new biological solutions to enhance production and/or recovery rates of subsurface hydrocarbons; and developing high-yielding, disease resistant, and economic feedstocks. The company's solutions help in improving the production of energy, chemicals, and pharmaceuticals, as well as enable carbon sequestration and environmental remediation.