Tersus Solutions

We’re here to challenge the notion that laundry is boring. We’re asking you to think differently about your clothes, who makes them, and how they are cared for. We’re asking you to join us in making activism as commonplace an act as loading a washing machine. We’re here to show you that clean doesn’t have to be difficult to accomplish. We are perfecting and deploying environmental laundry solutions for the apparel industry. We believe this is the key to unlocking a truly circular economy that extends the life of resources and maximizes value in supply chains. Goals: To deploy liquid carbon dioxide with brand apparel companies to change the way laundry is done. 01. TRUST: – Utilize liquid carbon dioxide to increase confidence in and demand for renewed and recycled apparel. 02. REGENERATIVE : – Deploy liquid carbon dioxide in support of lofty circular economy goals that aim to build more resilient economies. 03. SERVICE: – To support brands in delivery the best service in retail, renewal, and garment/gear maintenance. 04. IMPACT: – To deliver thoughtful and measurable impact to the financial, people, and environmental goals of our partners.