TESLOOP OVERVIEW: Tesloop’s manages and operates an expanding fleet of electric Tesla vehicles offering city-to-city shared-car transportation. Tesloop’s service, launched in July 2015, offers daily scheduled routes from LA and Orange County to Las Vegas. The Tesloop service model disrupts city-to-city travel by leveraging the low cost of electricity and a business model that immediately leverages new autonomous driving technology. The autonomous, computerized, electric platform creates unprecedented economic efficiencies and delivers a new level of consumer value vs. all other transportation alternatives. The service has received rave reviews from it’s growing customer base, and is rapidly expanding with routes to Palms Springs and San Diego planned for this spring. MISSION: Tesloop’s mission is to rapidly increase the access to an amazing & sustainable travel experience. Tesloop's goal is to employ autonomous/electric vehicle technology towards its highest utilization thus creating the maximum environmental and health benefits of every vehicle.