Tevva Motors Ltd is a UK-based, leading developer of modular electrification systems for medium duty commercial vehicles. Using a systems engineering approach, Tevva has developed world-class electric vehicle technology that adheres to the most rigorous of standards to ensure safety, reliability and durability. Tevva’s core proprietary technologies – comprising battery pack and management system, control system, software and optional range extender – are applicable to almost any current 7.5t – 14t truck and is supplied as a package to OEMs for integration with their vehicles. In order to support the development of the technology and demonstrate the cost savings possible by their use, Tevva is working with a cohort of early customers to produce a fleet of rental vehicles for use by logistics companies. The four technology pillars offered by the company, which can be used either together or individually, comprise the following: • Tevva Power – Battery packs, bespoke battery management system and power control system that regulates the flow of energy from and to the batteries • Tevva Link – cloud-based software that controls, links and optimises all of the onboard technologies including autonomous engagement of the range extender and also offers performance diagnostics • Tevva Drive – drive system that delivers greater control of torque delivery and utilises the efficiency of regenerative braking to harvest energy that goes back into the battery system • Tevva ReX – optional range extender that offers more flexible functionality and eliminates range anxiety The range extender and patented, cloud-based Predictive Range Extender Management System (PREMS) ensures that the vehicle always completes its duty cycle and that daily energy usage is optimised whilst also lowering total cost of ownership and minimising emissions. The standard 150kWh Tevva electric motor produces 2,000Nm of torque and delivers a range of around 120km a day, based on typical urban distribution duty cycle. For back-to-base distribution businesses with out-of-town depots, the range extender and PREMS system not only ensure that range anxiety is eliminated but also uses geofencing technology to autonomously engage pure electric or range extender mode depending on whether or not the vehicle is in urban or Clean Air Zones. Early series production is underway and manufacture upscaling is proceeding. For more background on Tevva’s growth see https://tevva.com/growth-timeline/. For the latest news see https://tevva.com/news and visit https://tevva.com/investor-relations/.