We are a Regenerative Food Systems Company The products, ingredients, technology, services, and equipment we design, build and implement complement each other in a unique way; creating globally-scalable food systems that restore, renew, or revitalize the resources around us and create sustainability within society with nature’s virtues at heart. We are solving for global food waste and food insecurity (access to nutrition) with one simple but novel approach, by upcycling food waste at the largest scale possible. For the past few years, we’ve been quietly designing, building, patenting and commercializing technologies and are now launching innovative products under our own brands and for others. Utilizing a systems-based methodology coupled with our “skunkworks” rapid R&D capabilities, we identify and capture food waste streams from CPG and agriculture companies, and convert it into high-value, incredibly tasty and nutritious ingredients and products – many of which are to be spun out as new products.