UOB Venture Management

Since 1992, UOB Venture Management Private Limited ("UOBVM"), a wholly owned subsidiary of United Overseas Bank Limited ("UOB"), has been providing financing to more than 250 privately-held companies in ASEAN and China, through direct equity investment. UOBVM, together with UOB, has understanding of Asian markets, corporate culture and business mindsets, which is matched by few. Over the years, UOBVM has built a strong team — with its core team having worked together for the last 15 years, and a wider team with diversified experience in business, engineering, life science, finance and accounting, M&A, corporate advisory and audit. These diverse experiences and qualifications, coupled with local presence in Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam and China allows UOBVM to build a substantial network and a continual deal flow that evaluates more than 700 companies in the ASEAN-China economic growth region each year.