Vital Metrics

VitalMetrics was founded in 2005 and subsequently named IERS (Industrial Ecology Research Services). The founding principle of our company is to enable organizations of all sizes to achieve scientifically credible and commercially viable sustainability measurements and impacts. However, scientifically credible and commercially viable sustainability measurement services are scarce in the marketplace. Furthermore, an organization’s various sustainability impacts arise not only from its direct interactions with its immediately surrounding environment and communities, but also (and often to a larger extent) from its global supply chains. Understanding the social, environmental, and economic impacts of supply chains, therefore, is a crucial step toward impact reduction, and to understanding the commercial and reputational risks and opportunities latent within a supply chain. VitalMetrics was founded to integrate world-class science and data into cutting-edge software, engineered to deliver rapid and reliable sustainability measurements. Over the last decade, VitalMetrics has helped clients ranging from government agencies to multinational corporations and SMEs to measure and continuously improve their sustainability impacts.