WasteZero is on a mission to cut the trash in half across the United States. Cities and towns across the nation struggle to manage the escalating financial and environmental costs of the trash we all produce. WasteZero is helping to solve the problem with next-generation waste reduction programs. As a certified B-Corp, we are motivated by a deep desire to protect the environment, as well as help communities use more of their resources to improve the quality of life for residents, rather than managing trash. We’ve been around since 1991, and today we partner with more than 400 towns, cities, counties, state agencies, and private organizations, helping them to reduce waste, increase recycling, and save money. Every municipal waste reduction program that WasteZero has designed and implemented—100%—has succeeded in meeting or even exceeding its waste reduction and financial targets. UNIQUE CAPABILITIES WasteZero is the only waste reduction company that can do it all: analyze a city or company’s waste situation, design a powerful waste reduction program, build and launch that program, and then manage it on an ongoing basis. We help our customers go from analysis to results.