We use our fast atmospheric simulation platform to produce local weather forecasts at unmatched resolution. This ultra-high resolution allows for an accurate representation of small-scale processes like cloud formation, turbulence and surface interactions. WIND ENERGY Forecasting wind energy production depends on the ability to predict wind speeds at the height of the turbine blades. These winds are governed by a subtle balance between the large-scale pressure differences, the characteristics of the earth’s surface and the local atmospheric conditions. Whiffle’s ultra-high resolution atmospheric model is fully geared towards an accurate modelling of local wind conditions, making it the perfect technology for wind energy forecasts. SOLAR POWER Forecasting solar power production crucially depends on the ability to forecast clouds. Whiffle’s cloud resolving atmospheric model is able to accurately capture clouds in all their variety. Coupled to detailed calculations of the solar radiation, our technology produces realistic forecasts of solar irradiance at unprecedented resolution