Whisker Labs

Whisker Labs has fundamentally changed how the world thinks about electrical fires and how to prevent them. 50,000 home fires annually in the US alone take more lives, cause more injuries and more property damage than any other type of home fire. Whisker Labs' mission is to eradicate electrical fires altogether. Our smart home service consists of a single plug-in DIY sensor and software infrastructure - with free lifetime hardware replacement and a $1,000 credit for hazard remediation - that together provide early detection of hidden electrical fire hazards in homes and small businesses - and much greater peace of mind. Electrical faults are unique and may develop over a longer period of time - Ting is the first solution to actively detect and identify precursors to larger electrical arcs that lead to fires. While fire prevention is our primary use case, Ting also provides thoughtful engagement in the form of power outage, brownout and surge notifications, overall power quality, and HVAC performance insights to help see developing fault conditions and address HVAC issues before system failure. Ting not only protects the home but also in aggregate sees grid events and precursors to major grid events. Ting is marketed to single homes and small businesses today and is available in North America. Ting will be expanded to address commercial fire safety and power applications, and the international residential marketplace where home electrical fires are even more frequent.