Wildlife Conservation Society

Our human footprint keeps growing. In the time since the Renaissance, the global human population has grown from a half billion to over seven billion. By 2050 that number could reach 10 billion, filling nearly all the lands and scouring nearly all the seas. Our movements and actions are—and will continue to be—the prevailing reality for every other living thing on the planet. More than half of the people on the planet live in cities, where zoos and aquariums provide a window into nature. Our demands for food and water have a global reach; our choices have an impact on the planet. Amidst these exploding pressures on our Earth and its limited resources, we have developed a strategy that we call WCS: 2020. We are launching a new website, brand identity, and logo to support it. The "W" stands for wildlife. Saving wildlife is our history and our future. We commit ourselves with this strategy to stay focused on this mission to save wildlife, while also realizing our work cannot be implemented in a vacuum and without partners.