Worldwatch Institute

Worldwatch Institute is a globally-focused environmental research organization based in Washington, D.C. It delivers the insights and ideas that empower decision makers to create an environmentally sustainable society that meets human needs. Worldwatch focuses on the 21st century challenges of climate change, resource degradation, population growth, and poverty by developing and disseminating solid data and innovative strategies for achieving a sustainable society. Worldwatch’s priority programs include Building a Low-Carbon Energy System, which dramatically reduces the use of fossil fuels and lowers greenhouse gas emissions; Nourishing the Planet, which researches methods that create a sustainable food production system that provides a healthy, nutritious diet for all while sustaining the land, water, and biological resources on which life depends; and Transforming Economies, Cultures, and Societies, which meets human needs, promotes prosperity, and more. Worldwatch was founded in 1974 by Lester Brown.