ZapGo Ltd (Zap&Go) is a high technology business founded in Oxford, UK, in 2013. We were founded with energy storage technology licensed from the University of Oxford. Very close to the building where the first lithium-ion batteries were developed 40 years ago. Today these lithium and cobalt based batteries are in widespread use, in our phones, laptops, cordless appliances and power tools, and also in electric vehicles. However, it was apparent that in the demanding world of grid energy storage a more robust solution is needed. To meet the demands of the grid, we are improving the performance of supercapacitors so they perform like batteries. This is achieved by using different materials than conventional supercapacitors which allow us to retain a long life, excellent power density and fast charging capability of supercapacitors, but also have the energy density of the best performing batteries. We exclude all rare earth materials in our cells, we do not use any lithium or cobalt, and we do not use anything that can catch fire – excluding all chemical solvents and organic electrolytes. This not only makes our cells safe, because there is nothing in them that can catch fire no matter how fast they are charged, but also means at the end of life they can be recycled.