The SDG Impact Fund is one of the most innovative, forward-thinking, and knowledgeable leaders on charitable giving in the nation. We strive to make giving convenient, flexible, and efficient for donors, helping them maximize their philanthropy through charitable giving accounts, also known as donor advised funds. Our Philosophy The SDG Impact Fund develops sustainable financial resources to fulfill its mission, and to ensure the continuity of charitable organizations supported by our donors and their families. The SDGIF develops and manages endowments, planned giving, private-label DAFs, and donor advised philanthropic funds. Our grants are provided for innovative programs, domestic/international development, domestic and foreign crisis, and securing the operational activities of charitable organizations for generations to come. ​ The SDG Impact Fund: ​ Oversees the complete administrative grant-making process for individuals, family offices, and corporations. Empowers individuals to realize their own charitable interests through donor advised philanthropic funds. Provides grants for innovative ideas and charitable projects in the areas of education, medical advances, quality of life, social justice, hunger, the arts, and much more… Is trusted by high net worth individuals, and small businesses to manage their charitable funds.