Bluesource is a market-maker, an advisor and a capital source for environmental markets. For over 20 years, the Company has been a leader in climate change and low carbon environmental products and services starting with its first transaction in 1996; the capture and large scale sequestration of vent-stack carbon dioxide. Today, Bluesource creates emission reductions from over 20 different technologies in over 100 locations across 48 states and 5 Canadian provinces. Bluesource has become the dominant player in environmental markets with deep expertise in carbon capture and storage, forestry, transportation, energy efficiency and food processing along with significant environmental market positions in energy production, ODS, mine methane and energy efficient cook stoves in developing countries. Environmental advisory services for the United States and Canada began in 2008 and cover private, public and NGO evaluations, strategy, product development and launches, support for environmental marketplace creation and development, and transactional support such as protocol development as a sampling. Over the past several years, Bluesource has developed expertise and transactional experience in renewable energy (RINs, RECs, RNG), environmental mitigation (land use, habitat protection, restoration) and climate change adaptation.