Climate Outreach

Climate Outreach was set up in 2004, with a mission to help people understand climate change in their own voice, and we’ve become Europe’s leading climate communication organisation.

We produce world-leading advice and practical tools for engagement by combining scientific research methods with years of hands-on experience. Our services support governments, businesses, NGOs and grassroots organisations. We specialise in how to engage hard-to-reach audiences – developing climate connection programmes with communities such as youth, the centre-right, faith and migrant groups.

In our decade as leaders in climate change communication we’ve seen it all: the photographs of sad polar bears, the complicated graphs, the science speak, the doom and gloom omens of the apocalypse, and the wailed laments of “won’t somebody please think of the future of the planet?!”.

Our rigorous research has shown us that these messages simply aren’t effective for the majority of people. Worse than that, they can be disempowering. These stories make many people turn away, because climate change is seen as a niche concern, a complex scientific problem, an issue for the future only, and something that makes us fearful.

Climate change demands a response across society, from people of all ages, faiths, nationalities and sides of the political spectrum. That’s why our mission is to engage people with climate change from their perspective – not ours.


In the current moment, the science is clearer than it has ever been. The policies are in place and the technologies of a zero carbon future already exist. But action is less forthcoming. What this shows is that climate change isn’t, and simply can’t be, just the concern of a few environmentalists.

That’s why we engage, listen to, and work with people and organisations from across our global society. We specialise in communicating climate change in ways that are inclusive and people-focused, appealing to common values and goals to unite us in a shared mission.