Adventure Scientists

Adventure Scientists® is a nonprofit organization that equips partners with data collected from the outdoors that are crucial to addressing environmental and human health challenges.

By amplifying and accelerating our partners' impact, we envision a world in which the ability to unlock solutions to environmental  and human health challenges is only limited by the ability to ask the right questions.

Data collection can be expensive, time consuming, and physically demanding, which limits the questions scientists can ask. Adventure Scientists tackles this problem by providing our partners with reliable data at an otherwise unobtainable scale. By recruiting, training and managing individuals with strong outdoor skills—such as mountaineering, diving or whitewater kayaking—we bring back hard-to-obtain data from the far corners of the globe.

Through their involvement with these projects, volunteers become informed ambassadors for the species and places with which they work. By telling their stories in the rich tradition of outdoor adventure, we greatly magnify our partners’ marketing efforts. 

The Adventure Scientists' combination of constituency, visibility and data serves as an invaluable conservation and scientific  accelerator around the world.