Klappir Green Solutions

Klappir Green Solutions is a driving environmental force in Iceland, having created a leading sustainability management solution which is now in use across the country as well as internationally.  Our customers include companies in aviation, automotive, fishing, financing, education, energy, tourism, and waste management, as well as institutions and municipalities. All these organisations have already derived significant benefits from using Klappir's smart sustainability management platform; lower carbon footprints, transparent and reliable ESG reporting, as well as operational savings and better compliance to environmental laws and regulations.

The strong track record Klappir has earned places us in a leading position to guide the oncoming evolution of carbon emissions accounting and reporting. The Klappir sustainability management is growing naturally from Iceland to other countries, as countries around the world establish legal compliance requirements according to the Paris Climate Accord, and the stricter regulations are compelling companies to make greener business decisions, in the aim of improving our world.

Says Sigrún Hildur Jónsdóttir, CSO and Co-Founder of Klappir, “We passionately care for the environment and are committed to building software solutions and providing advisory services that create an ecosystem, enabling organisations, municipalities, and governments across the world to execute transparent and reliable sustainability accounting in a cost-efficient way.”