Imagine Zero

We empower ourselves and other performance-minded professionals to deploy our skills, expertise and networks in the fight against the climate crisis.

We incubate nonprofit projects that have a path to global scale and measurable impact on greenhouse gas emissions.

Millions of people would like to do something but don't have opportunities to take meaningful action against the climate crisis.

Because we're always on the lookout for the biggest levers, our solutions create opportunities for these people. Being that catalyst maximizes the impact our time and money has on the issue.

⦿ It's getting hot!

Our future is in danger! Not only that: According to the latest climate science, it can already be considered lost. Over the next decades Earth will heat up so much that it will become largely uninhabitable.

⦿ What do do?

The task sounds simple: We must reduce our CO2 emissions. Drastically. Starting in 2020 we need a yearly reduction of more than 6% to stand a chance. Sounds easy? It isn’t!

⦿ We act!

As professionals from startups who are in love with efficiency and scale and engaged climate activists we team up to bring two worlds together. That way we can have measurable impact at scale and thereby rethink climate activism. Of course with fun and not for profit.

Visit us at, get in touch and help!

If we don't step up and fix this together, who else will do it in time?