EcoEquity is a small, activist think tank that has had an outsized impact on the global climate equity debate. It has done this primarily, but not exclusively, by way of its work on fair shares effort sharing in the context of a global emergency climate mobilization. This goal has been pursued, first, via the Greenhouse Development Rights project and, more recently, by way of its successor the Climate Equity Reference Project.

EcoEquity was founded in 1999 by Tom Athanasiou and Paul Baer. Paul died in September 2016. See here for his memorial page. His death was a blow, but the project is ongoing, as is this website, which functions both as a portal into EcoEquity's work and as Tom Athanasiou's climate equity blog.

EcoEquity is focused on political and theoretical work on climate solutions that are fair enough to actually work. Through its participation in domestic and international networks of activists and scholars, it argues for emergency climate strategies that protect the poor, and more generally protect the rights of all people to dignified levels of just and sustainable development.

This does not in any way imply a repudiation of realism. It does mean the rejection of forced optimism, and a keen focus on approaches to the climate transition in which the politics of economic justice and the politics of emergency climate mobilization are one and the same.

EcoEquity works by emphasizing the importance of equity principles in all aspects of the policy response, by producing political and economic analyses and educational materials that highlight equity issues, and by developing practical proposals for equitable climate policies. Its focus has been on the international negotiations but it also promotes domestic approaches to climate justice that explicitly and organically expand into the project of a just global transition. Indeed, EcoEquity is working more and more on the domestic front, a fact that will become obvious in the next edition of the Climate Equity Reference Calculator.

EcoEquity has done a great deal. Our greatest accomplishment has clearly been the development, along with colleagues at the Stockholm Environment Institute, of the Climate Equity Reference Framework. You can find much more information about the CERP at its website at Climate Equity Reference Project.

EcoEquity is a virtual organization that lives as its projects and its partnerships, and as this website, which is curated by Tom Athanasiou, EcoEquity's Executive Director.