Stealth Mobility Startup - Opportunistic

  • Sidewalk Infrastructure Partners
  • Varied, USA
  • Jun 12, 2020

Job Description

Sidewalk Infrastructure Partners (SIP) seeks to transform infrastructure through technology. SIP holds, operates, and invests in advanced infrastructure projects, as well as the technology companies applying innovations to enable those projects. Backed by Alphabet Inc. (Google’s parent company and a world-leading technology company) and Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan (a large and deeply experienced infrastructure investor), SIP believes in technology’s ability to make infrastructure more sustainable, intelligent, and efficient.



Background & Opportunity

Sidewalk Infrastructure Partners (“SIP”) is seeking opportunistic candidates to join a small, well-funded stealth mobility startup in the broader autonomous vehicle and infrastructure sectors. The scale of the opportunity and potential impact on the future of transportation is vast.

We encourage high-caliber candidates who are interested to apply. We are willing to consider opportunistic hiring of individuals with high raw intelligence, innate curiosity, and entrepreneurial work ethic -- finding a role to fit an extraordinary individual. This could include leaders in product and engineering, business operations, and other core elements of a growing business. 


These individuals:

  • Have demonstrated exceptional academic and professional achievement (regardless of academic discipline or industry background);
  • Have relevant industry experience at a prominent organization(s) in the autonomous vehicle, automotive, ride-hailing, toll roads, or other mobility innovation spaces;
  • Have prior working experience in developing technology products and solutions;
  • Are consistently rigorous in producing quality work product and analysis, foster internal collaboration and mentorship, and embrace accountability to outcomes;
  • Are mission-driven and passionate about achieving precedent-setting levels of sustainability, intelligence, and efficiency in urban infrastructure through innovation; 
  • Are able to quickly develop domain expertise in new substantive areas; 
  • Thrive in a fast-paced environment and simultaneously demonstrate strategic big-picture thinking as well as careful attention to detail; 
  • Communicate clearly and precisely; and 
  • Exhibit good judgment and deliver results, even in hectic situations and under tight timelines.  


If you are interested in general consideration for a position with the company, please submit your resume and application by submitting the form below. Opportunities will arise periodically, though the number of roles to fill at any given moment will vary. When a new position opens, we will use the information from these submissions to identify possible matches before advertising the role.

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