Sales Operations Intern

  • Sealed
  • Aug 11, 2020

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Join Sealed's growing team as a Summer / Fall intern. As a Sealed Usage Team intern you will work closely with the Sales and RevOps teams to analyze energy usage, support the sales staff, and more.   Your responsibilities will include: •  Processing applications to our program •  Communicating with energy utility companies by phone, email and fax •  Researching, collecting, sorting, and entering home energy data •  Supporting management of the scheduling system •  Other projects to support business priorities including business development, marketing and service  

About Sealed

Put your intelligence and idealism to work at Sealed® to help the planet and grow professionally in a startup environment.

At Sealed, we’re unlocking comfort, value, and efficiency in aging homes—and transforming energy, finance, and home improvement along the way.

With Sealed, it’s easy and affordable to solve the problems that make houses too hot, too cold, and too wasteful. In partnership with energy utilities and certified contractors, Sealed finances key home improvements using the money homeowners currently waste on energy.

Homes are renewed from the inside out—all without increasing homeowners’ monthly bills. Upgrades like HVAC, insulation, air sealing, and smart home technology transform the way a home feels and functions. Sealed coordinates projects from beginning to end, and we stand behind our work. If we don’t reduce a home’s energy use, we don’t get paid.

Sealed is backed by a $4 billion global investment firm and has major partnerships with large utility companies like Con Edison. Based in New York City, Sealed was founded in 2012 by Lauren Salz (CEO, Forbes 30 under 30, former McKinsey) and Andy Frank (President, energy efficiency veteran).

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