Senior Software Engineer

$110,000 - $140,000 yearly
  • Nori
  • Seattle, WA, USA
  • Feb 09, 2021
Full time role

Job Description

You’ll be Senior Software Engineer in a startup working on solving climate change. We're looking for a full-stack developer with the experience and ability to ship high quality software products to customers. Nori is a two-sided marketplace with various external stakeholders, and two customer types: demand-side and supply-side customers. You’ll be joining the team in building a platform that helps these customers to easily and verifiably buy and sell digital certificates of carbon removal in order to reverse climate change.

Skills and languages needed: React, Next.js, TypeScript, Kubernetes, Google Cloud Platform, NoSQL; Agile frameworks

 What’s in it for you

  • Four weeks paid time off, increases to five weeks after your first year. Plus holidays. Taking time off is essential, and we want you to recharge in whatever ways you see fit.
  • Full medical, dental, vision benefits covered for you and dependents. It’s a great plan with a very low deductible. With an insurance company called Premera that is beloved in the Seattle region.
  • Stock options.
  • NORI tokens, proportional to the stock options.

Additional requirements for this position

This position will be located in Seattle, WA. But relocation is not necessary until Summer 2021 at the earliest—dependent on safety from the pandemic. We are working remotely today, but plan to be back in our Seattle office once it is safe to do so. This role might require some travel in the future, but it is expected that most work will happen in the office.



Additional Details of the Senior Software Engineer position

Summary of Nori

Nori is a startup founded in October 2017 with the mission to enable global engagement to reverse climate change via carbon removal. By providing a marketplace where anyone in the world can pay for and get paid for removing and storing atmospheric carbon dioxide, Nori acts as a financial mechanism that will create new opportunities for climate innovation and carbon removal. 

We’re upgrading on the carbon offset space. Historically carbon offsets have been mired with opacity which then leads to a lack of confidence and trust in what projects are supported. Additionally, most carbon offsets (95%) represent paying someone to do less of a bad thing, i.e. mitigating emissions.

Nori is different in three key ways. First, Nori only supports carbon removal, or carbon sequestration, which is the only method that can actually reverse/negate carbon emissions. Second, Nori is the only platform with end-to-end marketplace of credits. Because we work directly with project owners who “supply carbon removal”, maintain the retirement of carbon removal credits, and track this all on the blockchain, Nori is providing a transparent and credible way to pay for carbon removal directly from project developers with no price markups. Lastly, with Nori’s API, businesses can offer environmental action and engagement directly to their customers at check-out or in-app, and immediately provide information on the project they supported, with immediate create of certificates with the customers name on it. 

We highly recommend that you review the information about Nori and its team before applying to this position at

Knowing us better will save you time, allowing you to assess whether or not we are a good fit for each other, and will also give you better context for completing the job application below. 


The role of a senior engineer at Nori

Why we need you

Our biggest challenge right now is that we have more interest on the supply side and more potential demand than we can possibly meet! That’s a good problem to have as a business, and it means that we need more hands on deck. Our customers are ready and waiting, and we need your help to build a software platform that will help our farmers enroll their carbon removal projects more easily so they can get paid for removing carbon from the atmosphere as quickly as possible.

Who You’ll Work with

You’ll be working within the Product Team that is responsible for designing and developing the software for Nori’s supplier enrollment and maintenance platform and its related marketplace. 

Five key aspects of the role include

  • As a senior engineer on the team, you will be expected to both build the software and provide input and guidance into the solutions built by yourself and the team. We are looking for someone with 5+ years  of experience who can provide expertise to co-develop solutions with other engineers on the team. You and your team members will be responsible for delivering,shipping and supporting a product for both internal and external stakeholders. Internally, this may look like tools for the sales and supply team to manage projects. Externally, this includes customers from both sides of the marketplace: buyers of carbon removal and suppliers (farmers) of carbon removal. 
  • We need you to help us build software that scales and a team that grows. This means that we need you to help optimize and refactor existing software architecture. This also means you should have an excellent and meticulous practice of code review hygiene. You must also be able to write effective tests for your code and play the role of support if issues with the features you worked on arise. You should be excited to mentor and help grow the engineering team.  Things like participating and/or hosting pair/mob programming sessions that make sure the team has consistent engineering processes (i.e., via things like code katas) are some examples we would expect you to lead with.
  • We need you to be able to adapt to different coding practices, methodologies, and processes seamlessly based on the context of an evolving roadmap (i.e. between extreme programming, feature-driven, and other types of agile programming) depending on the current needs of the company.
  • Build software with our customers in mind. We want to build software that solves the problems for real people and helps them get paid for doing positive climate work. You should have a strong desire to understand the various external partners and customers that we work with. You should want to work with and learn from the internal stakeholders who know these customers best so that you can co-create and design optimal solutions that balance their needs and the needs/goals of Nori as a company.
  • You will collaborate with the team to quickly spike potential technical challenges and articulate the level of effort required to team members and/or the product owner for successful prioritization of work. 

What we’re looking for in you

  • Demonstrated experience taking software from prototypes to more mature, scalable solutions
  • Experience or understanding of the types of software architecture we use at Nori (Google Cloud Platform, React, Next.js, TypeScript, Kubernetes, NoSQL, etc)
  • Demonstrated experience working on large scale projects that have shipped to customers (have experience with the complete dev cycle)
  • A strong desire to understand our customers and the challenges they face that you might be able to fix with a software solution
  • Experience building software designed for scaling, considering limitations of the software architecture
  • Ability to mentor engineering team members in gap areas
  • Ability to identify gaps in the team and know how to request support from team lead and leadership team for additional roles at the company

Characteristics of a successful Senior Engineer at Nori

  • Agile-minded
  • Team player
  • Excellent communication skills 
  • Passion for making product
  • Determination to get it done
  • Desire to cut scope wherever possible
  • Genuine enthusiasm for Nori’s mission
  • Strong listening skills (a key part of communication)
  • Empathy
  • Eagerness to learn
  • Little to no attachments to current solutions

How success will be measured

  • Team and company progress is measured in monthly OKRs
  • Total time to enroll a project, and total time for farmer to input data for enrollment
  • Customer satisfaction metrics as it relates to product

Nice to haves

  • Familiarity with GIS
  • Experience developing decentralized/blockchain applications on Ethereum
  • Familiarity UX Designers / User Researchers Experience test driven development
  • Familiarity with DevOps 
  • Familiarity with GraphQL
  • Experience integrating with payment gateways
  • Experience building APIs
  • Experience with Material UI and the associated Material Design patterns

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