Tissue Development Intern

  • Memphis Meats
  • Berkeley, CA
  • Feb 22, 2021

Job Description

About us

At the forefront of farming and food, Memphis Meats is innovating new ways to produce real meat, without the need to breed, feed and slaughter animals. Our process begins with an animal cell, which is cultivated and harvested as meat. Memphis Meats is a mission-driven company focused on bringing to meat lovers an authentic product that is truly humane, sustainably produced, nutritious and delicious! We are now expanding our team of dedicated professionals across disciplines to make better meat for a better world.

About this internship

The Tissue Development Intern (Upstream Development) will be responsible for overseeing a project focused on surface modifications of materials and subsequently investigating critical cell- surface interactions at the material interface to achieve improved functionality and cell performance. This role reports to the Tissue Development team and will support process development and characterization of enhanced surfaces for the cultivation of cell-based meat. 

You should be capable of building hypotheses, designing, troubleshooting, and executing experiments independently while employing critical thinking and organizational skills. This laboratory-based position requires performing wet-lab experiments, followed by analysis and interpretation of the data, presentation of findings to the Tissue Development Team, and suggestion of follow-up experiments. We hope to find someone creative, enthusiastic, a fast learner with problem-solving


Duties include

  • Build scientific hypotheses based on literature and previous experimental findings, and design experiments targeting those hypotheses.
  • Define, optimize, and characterize successful processes for targeted surface modifications independently.
  • Perform wet-lab and sterile tissue culture experiments, including quantification and characterization of cell performance on modified surfaces.
  • Maintain accurate and thorough e-documentation of experimental designs, execution techniques, and results.
  • Presentation of findings to the Tissue Development team.
  • Communication with team members and other departments internally, and with external parties if needed.

About you

  • BS or MS in materials science, physical chemistry, bioengineering, chemical engineering, or a related field.
  • Academic or industry background in material surface modifications for functional biological applications is a must.
  • Academic or industry research experience involving design, execution, and analysis of experiments.
  • Experience in cell culture and assay execution is preferred.
  • Ability and willingness to follow Standard Operating Procedures and procedural
  • recommendations from team members.
  • Knowledge of basic safety and good laboratory practices.
  • A fast learner, willing to learn new techniques and assays needed to perform their duties.
  • Great communication and documentation skills.
  • Comfortable working independently and in a team. Comfortable presenting findings to
  • groups.
  • Strong intellectual curiosity and resourcefulness with a bias for action!

Length of internship

  • 10-12 weeks

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