Computational Chemist

  • Smarter Sorting
  • Austin, Texas
  • Feb 26, 2021

Job Description

Come work at Smarter Sorting!
About You
Smarter Sorting is seeking a Computational Chemist to help us in our mission to revolutionize the way we think about consumer goods. The world is buzzing with consumer products zipping from buyer to seller to consumer. Knowing the physical and chemical attributes of those products intimately unlocks troves of information relevant to so many industries. At Smarter Sorting our work touches on worker safety, international environmental law and much, much more. 
We want someone who doesn’t think a tube of toothpaste is just a tube of toothpaste. We want someone who considers the Sodium Fluoride and trace concentrations of Sodium Hydroxide in the ingredients list. Someone who considers the water-solubility, viscosity and the pH of the substance in solution. What do these ingredients mean for the product’s aquatic toxicity and skin-irritation potential? How similar is this toothpaste to other toothpastes? What about a body-wash? 
You have the chemistry knowledge to understand the foundational building blocks of all of the world’s consumer products. You also have the computational skills to scan, evaluate and analyze data at scale. Most importantly, you have the curiosity to learn and be part of something bigger!We ask crazy questions at Smarter Sorting and get extra excited when smart people want to come help us answer them. As a Computational Chemist at Smarter Sorting, you will play a truly critical role in a rapidly growing, exciting company. 
What We're Looking For
* Advanced Degree in Chemistry, Computational Chemistry* Demonstrated understanding in leveraging chemistry and coding knowledge to facilitate complex processes* Proficient in Python and SQL or similar scripting and databasing languages.* Software Engineering Background or similar preferred* Knowledge of Machine Learning Techniques appreciated* Knowledge of Regulatory Landscape appreciated (GHS, SDSs, DOT, RCRA)* Understanding of Green Chemistry And/Or Electrochemistry highly preferred
What You'll Be Doing
* Using millions of data-points about consumer products to create insights about consumer preferences and their regulatory ramifications* Building calculators to estimate chemical information of consumer products (ex: “Will this paint be a flammability hazard?”, “How corrosive to human skin is this shampoo?”)* Enhancing the power of our Automated Classification Engine (ACE)* Learning the language of consumer goods regulations (SDSs for OSHA, Hazard Classes for DOT, Waste Codes for RCRA, etc)* Consulting with product and data-teams for feasibility of new product add-onsAudits of existing chemistry related correlators
Your first month
* Ramp up on all things Smarter Sorting* Review and audit chemistry results for consumer goods* Create a calculator to evaluate a product’s corrosivity/flammability/reactivity etc
Your first 3 months
* Become an expert within some subset of consumer goods and their regulations: Volatile Organic Compounds for Aerosols, for example.* Expand Smarter Sorting’s understanding of how to value and use chemistry information in Dangerous Goods Classification
Your first 6 months
* Support the product team in launching new products or services for the regulatory market* Expand Smarter Sorting’s understanding of how to value and use chemistry information in Dangerous Goods Classification* Fully manage chemistry related databases: the what, how, where and when of vital data imports from major databases (pubchem, ECHA, RTECS, etc)* Write (or assist in writing) papers describing Smarter Sorting’s methods and resultsYour Benefits & PerksCompetitive Compensation Packages401k programMedical, dental & vision insurance Short-term disability insuranceGenerous Parental LeaveUnlimited Paid Time OffContinuing Education SponsorshipBi-Annual All-Hands, Volunteering & Special Events (with baby goats in attendance)Unlimited snacks & drinks
About UsAt Smarter Sorting, we are transforming the world through Product Intelligence. Our mission is to create a smarter, more connected world by revealing the underlying chemical and physical truths, and possibilities, of consumer products.
We provide retailers and suppliers the critical data points they need to best manufacture, move, market, sell, and handle products throughout the supply chain. From sustainability to eCommerce to regulatory compliance and everything in between, Product Intelligence is delivered when and where it is needed. At our core, we believe that when you know more, you can do better - for business, for consumers, and for the planet.
We are a team of data geeks, circular economy nerds, and math and chemistry wizards. We live and breathe the mission and values of Smarter Sorting every day, and are excited to be a part of something that just might change the world.

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