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  • Apr 04, 2021
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About Us:

Seaworthy Collective was founded in 2020 in Miami, Florida, to empower a community of current and aspiring ocean entrepreneurs, known as Sea Change Makers, to innovate for regenerative ocean impact. Seaworthy co-creates and crowdsources startups to develop collective ocean innovation pipelines at scale, partnering with local incubators and accelerators to tailor their programs and serve our entrepreneurs. Seaworthy builds these pipelines through its venture studio and pitch competition programs, democratizing and diversifying opportunities for interdisciplinary ocean innovation and entrepreneurship. Seaworthy leverages a global network of mentors and strategic collaborators, as well as South Florida’s ecosystem of maritime business and research, catalyzing systemic change by empowering entrepreneurs to overcome industry silos and drive the development of a regenerative blue economy that doesn’t just mitigate but solves the ocean’s greatest problems.

Our goal is to co-create and crowdsource innovative startups in each of our six Opportunities for Sea Change to collectively build a regenerative blue economy:

  • Carbon Dioxide and Greenhouse Gas Removal (CDR), Sequestration, and Decarbonization: Mariculture, ocean biofuels, and decarbonizing marine transportation
  • Regenerative Ocean Food Sources: Aquaculture, mariculture, and plant-based seafood alternatives
  • Seawater as a Resource: Ocean energy, desalination, and hydrogen fuel extraction from seawater
  • Ocean Data, Technology, and Emerging Innovations: Marine protected area monitoring and enforcement, ocean exploration technology and unmanned platforms, eco-friendly resource extraction technology, big-data solutions for improving human-ocean interaction
  • Coastal Resilience: Mangrove afforestation, reef regeneration, infrastructure for mitigating and adapting to sea level rise, protections from hurricanes and storm surge
  • Plastics and Pollution Detection, Removal, and Alternatives: Water quality monitoring, systems for runoff and wastewater mismanagement, pollution removal, marine plastics upstream and downstream

About You:

We’re looking for passionate individuals who want to drive positive change for the ocean. If you want to be part of developing a solution in any of our six Opportunities for Sea Change, this is the chance to join a team of co-founders solving the ocean’s greatest problems. 

No prerequisites beyond your passion for bettering our ocean and planet!

Applications close April 30th

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Carbon Accounting & Offsetting, Carbon Removal & Utilization Engineering, Ecosystems & Biodiversity, Food & Agriculture, Pollution & Waste Reduction