Senior Software Engineer

  • Hatch Data
  • Seattle, Portland, or San Francisco
  • Apr 07, 2021
Full time role

Job Description

Job Overview: 

As a member of the product organization, Software Engineers (SEs) are responsible for the design and development of cloud-deployed tools that help building operators and owners optimize management of their commercial real estate. Hatch SEs will be expected to be comfortable coding, interacting with primary stakeholders to gather requirements, developing automation to reduce operational toil, and running the systems they build.

At Hatch Data Senior Software Engineer (SSE) to participate in all activities above and has developed some areas of technical specialization, whether because they have focused on a particular part of the stack or a particular stack from top to bottom. The SSE has enough experience to have understanding of one or more approaches to agile software development and Dev/Ops and has begun developing some nuance in their perspective on practice and process. An SSE is expected to deliver and expected to be able and willing to help their less experienced peers succeed.

Engineering Approach

The Hatch Data Engineering philosophy is built around a set of evolving core principles that can be currently summarized as:

  • We release to production early and often.

  • We own as little as we can.

  • We believe the technology decisions we make are economic decisions for our company and our customers.

  • We leave time to think, not just act.

  • We care about our people and help make them successful.

  • We believe that APIs are a user experience and aspire to making them user-friendly and consistent.

  • We work hard and strive to keep focused, but we leave room to have fun as a group and live full lives as individuals outside of the company.

  • We believe in giving our technology leaders the authority they need to lead and the accountability that comes with leadership.

In addition to the daily routines of engineering work, Hatch Engineering has the following programs that we participate in as a group:

  • Peer-to-peer knowledge sharing sessions

  • A Discovery Time program that provides the opportunity for regularly occurring self-directed work and research

Hatch Data is an equal opportunity employer and deeply interested in software engineers from broad backgrounds and experiences. 

Additional detail about expectations is available on request.

Ideal Candidate*:


  • Full stack development of production-deployed customer-facing applications and tools and/or large scale event-driven applications

  • Working professionally in an agile team in a product development role

  • Bonus points:

    • Domain Driven Design

    • Stream processing application development

    • Working with Data Scientists


  • Application development in one or more of the following: nodeJS, React, Scala, Java.

  • Ability to automate infrastructure using one or more of the following: unix shell, python, terraform, cloud formation

  • Comfortable with Cloud, particularly AWS

  • At least some experience with containers ideally running in Kubernetes

  • Ability to work in numerous different configurations: solo, pairs, mobs, locally and remotely

  • Comfortable with Linux

  • The flexibility to accommodate an environment that’s changing quickly

  • Bonus points for working knowledge of

    • Kafka

    • Kubernetes

    • AWS Lambda

    • Data Science and Data Engineering approaches and technologies

* Do you come from a "non-traditional" background? Don't quite fit the description but think you have something unique and interesting to offer? Send us a cover letter describing that unique and interesting attribute and why it could make you achieve great things at Hatch Engineering and we'll consider your application.


Portland, OR is preferred, but we will consider other locations where we have a presence: Seattle, San Francisco, Boston, Rochester, NY, and Vancouver, BC. We maintain a flexible office environment with options for remote work for all employees.

About Hatch Data:

Climate change is real.  Addressing this is the biggest issue of our time.  While moving the world from dirty energy sources to clean ones matters, there is also an enormous opportunity to use existing resources more efficiently.  Buildings consume up to 40% of the energy in North America alone. This is a big opportunity to create change. We bring our values to work and every day push to solve these problems at scale. 

Our team applies their knowledge of energy systems, mechanical engineering, IoT, machine learning and the built environment, to design cutting edge software that reduces the negative environmental impact of our indoor spaces while improving the bottom line for owners and operators. Our software platform has been proven across more than 550M square feet of commercial real estate with marquee customers, and we’re doubling down our efforts in the coming months as we prepare to accelerate growth and impact. 

This is a unique opportunity to join a company that “does well by doing good” and is positioned for significant expansion. You’ll enjoy comprehensive benefits, competitive salary, and meaningful equity. We offer a flexible work environment and the opportunity to work alongside an incredibly talented, fun, and highly motivated team. 

How to Apply:

Does this sound like you? If so, please submit your resume and cover letter to In your letter, feel free to provide any context you think would be helpful as we learn about you. We’ll be interested in understanding why you’re excited about joining us, why this role seems like a perfect fit for your talents, and what success looks like for you, personally, over the next five years. 

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