Scientist - Instrument Data Processing

  • 5541 Central Avenue West, Suite 270, Boulder, CO
  • Apr 13, 2021

Job Description Space division is responsible for the development of unique spaceborne sensing systems and for the overall space mission, from architecture through implementation. The data being collected will be integrated seamlessly into existing forecasting and modelling systems and will revolutionize global weather forecasting and insights.

We are looking for Scientist that will focus on the instrument data processing, instrument performance definition, algorithm development, and calibration/validation methods for a novel set of sensors that is developing.

As a Scientist within the Space division at, you will play a critical role in the development, science data processing, and operation of a novel spaceborne radar system. You will work with a multidisciplinary team of hardware developers, systems engineers, and scientists. Your focus will span the development and implementation of data processing methods, simulation, and application to test and operational environments.

Both individual contributor and team leadership positions are available.

What you bring:

  • Background in airborne and/or spaceborne instruments for weather/climate applications
  • Extensive background in payload data simulations and geophysical parameter retrievals from underlying measurements (L0 to L2 data processing)
  • A PhD in mathematics, physics, engineering, or a comparable field with application in atmospheric science
  • Experience working within multidisciplinary technical teams
  • Experience working with external vendors and subcontractors

You might also have:

  • Direct experience with radar systems
  • Direct experience with field testing and validation of instrument performance
  • Experience working on cloud computing systems, especially Amazon AWS or Google Cloud
  • Familiarity with weather forecasting methods
  • 5+ years experience beyond your PhD

What you’ll do:

  • Develop sensor processing methods and software (L0 to L2)
  • Develop and validate simulation methods to quantify and characterize system performance
  • Develop sensor performance requirements and system conops
  • Participate in test campaigns and associated data processing

Proof of eligibility to work in the United States lawfully must be provided

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