Senior Data Engineer

  • Generate Capital
  • San Francisco, CA, USA
  • Apr 30, 2021

Job Description

Senior Data Engineer

Reporting to:  Director of Data

Location:  San Francisco Bay Area, although you may be performing the bulk of your work remotely during the next few months

Position Mission:  Generate Capital is hiring a Senior Data Engineer to support the Technology Team and the entire organization for Business Intelligence needs.  This role reports to the Director of Data and supports the existing data warehouse in its ongoing effort to evolve Generate Capital's culture into a data driven organization.  The mission of this position is to support business operations and growth through data, the design and delivery of timely and accurate information, and by ensuring data is captured to perform advance quantitative analytics.




Generate Capital has emerged as a leader in the high-growth sustainable infrastructure market, having built a highly differentiated investment and operating platform with a track record of strong risk-adjusted returns and significant, long-term institutional investor support.  Our investment platform represents the only one-stop shop for pioneers of the Resource Revolution.  Our infrastructure business wins by delivering the most affordable, reliable, and sustainable resources to customers.

The last several decades have ushered in a dramatic rise in demand for natural resources like energy, water, food, and materials. The “Resource Revolution” is about doing more with less of our natural resources, a fundamentally economic proposition proving that sustainability pays.  We believe that we can solve the world’s most pressing resource issues, not by reinventing the world, but by rebuilding it.  While some focus on finding new and revolutionary tools, we rebuild resource systems with the high-impact, economic, and proven solutions we have today.  As a result, customers, communities, innovators, developers, capital partners and the planet all win.

Up until now, new energy asset finance (a $300B annual market) has been dominated by larger-scale projects that tend to attract traditional capital sources. Generate Capital, on the other hand, is focused on being a capital partner to pioneering project developers and solution providers that are typically overlooked by traditional financiers for a variety of reasons: asset size, underwriting complexity, project duration and perceived risk. As a long-term investor with truly permanent capital, Generate Capital is the only credible long-term partner for these pioneers, and the best infrastructure provider for these resource customers.

With a $10B pipeline of projects, completed transactions totaling over $2.5B and a utility-like, pay as you go model (which we call Infrastructure-as-a-ServiceTM), Generate Capital has quickly established itself as a leader in the enormous markets of distributed energy, mobility, water and waste management.


What you can expect from us:

  • The ability to truly “do well by doing good”; indeed, we really are changing the world.
  • An opportunity to help build a cutting edge, values-driven organization that is leading the Resource Revolution and redefining the economics of distributed, sustainable infrastructure.
  • The integration of our values – integrity, collaboration, excellence, intellectual honesty, and accountability – at all levels and with our many stakeholders
  • An opportunity for entrepreneurship and leadership in building out and managing the company’s operational infrastructure and the teams to support it
  • A commitment to your professional development, ongoing learning opportunities, and overall growth as a person
  • The ability to work with a team with decades of collective experience financing and managing billions of dollars of sustainable infrastructure, leading successful startups, and growing great people.
  • Competitive pay and benefits




We are looking for someone organized and detail-oriented, who loves to make chaotic situations run smoothly, understands the value of strong processes, and will enthusiastically familiarize oneself with various software systems to extract and centralize data into our growing data warehouse.  The ideal candidate is adept in independently understanding data, and can design, create and then manage a seamless, efficient, and highly organized data pipeline that will anticipate almost any scenario that a batch process might face.  You are passionate about the type of work Generate is doing, passionate about data and the value it brings to stakeholders and decision makers.  We are looking for someone to apply their vast experience to help scale a growing business and drive critical internal process efficiencies and initiatives and to help get more clean energy infrastructure deployed!


What you will be doing at Generate Capital as the Senior Data Engineer

  • Design, develop and own data pipelines to Extract, Transform and Load data into a central data lake and ensure data makes its way into a reportable view.
  • Identify business requirements and workflow processing gaps that lead to data inconsistencies.
  • Innovate and automate existing data processing to help improve reliability, dependability, accuracy while being efficient and cost effective.
  • Lead the effort in incorporating machine learning and predictive/statistical algorithms to improve not only the breadth of available data, but its depth, its consistency, and its ability to fill gaps based on past outcomes.
  • Drive and design data lineage automation by instrumenting documentation of code and automatic extraction of logic, data relationships, and transformation through SQL.
  • Perform unit tests and conduct reviews with other team members to ensure code is rigorously designed, elegantly coded, and effectively tuned for performance.
  • Build alert systems that predict data bottlenecks, anticipate transformation errors, and automate data transformation recovery within various data pipelines that automates data curation for high levels of accuracy, consistency, and availability.
  • Communicate data-backed findings to a diverse constituency of internal and external stakeholders, including process gaps and possible process improvements.


Candidate qualifications & core characteristics:

  • A demonstrated passion for, or commitment to, our mission
  • Proficient in advanced SQL (any variant) and at least one major language (e.g., Java, Scala, Python) that efficiently interacts with SQL. You strive to write beautiful code that is easily read by a junior developer or analyst, and you are comfortable with picking up new technologies and tools.
  • Strong communication skills to partner with knowledgeable users and stakeholders of data. You love being the bridge between Finance/Asset Managers/daily users of data who are experts in their space and know the value of intricate data.
  • A demonstrated 10-year track record in data pipeline design (both batch and streaming) on a distributed data processing platform and have proactively built defensive, yet optimistic data loading patterns.
  • A prior background in multiple software engineering components, platforms, helped drive various data modeling concepts and can implement data models including transactional, operational, reporting and machine learning.
  • A passion for coaching and giving constructive feedback to peers on how to improve their coding efficiency. Your combined personality of being humble and empathic, with deep critical thinking talents that comes with years of experience of solving problems and providing for alternative solution makes you a leader in the data space.
  • You are always looking for opportunities to simplify, automate tasks, and build reusable components reusable across multiple use cases and teams.
  • Familiar on how Tableau (or similar tool) interacts with data and what is the best way for Tableau to consume / display the data efficiently and effectively.
  • Past experience with financially savvy teams within the renewable energy space and understand their terminology and processes for reporting, analyzing, and predicting favorable outcomes with the data you provide.
  • MS degree in Engineering, Math, Statistics, or equivalent practical experience in building from the ground up a fully functional data warehouse



Generate Capital is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate against otherwise qualified applicants on the basis of actual or perceived race, color, creed, religion, ancestry, citizenship status, age, sex, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability or handicap, veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by applicable federal, state, or local laws.

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Energy, Funding, Pollution & Waste Reduction, Transportation

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Distributed Energy Storage, Electric Cars, Farm Irrigation Efficiency, Micro Wind Turbines, Offshore Wind Turbines, Public Transit, Waste-to-Energy

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