Director of Sales

  • Sealed
  • New York Metropolitan Area, USA
  • Jun 03, 2021

Job Description

Who are we?

Many of us care about the environment in the abstract - we know that there is more that each of us could do to protect our planet– but let’s be honest… each of us probably doesn't recycle enough, probably drives too much, and feels helpless when trying to make a personal environmental impact. 

Enter Sealed!

Sealed is a home wellness company on a mission to make homes healthy, comfortable and clean for the planet.

Sealed is transforming energy, finance and home improvement to deliver clean air and comfort with less energy. Sealed modernizes home heating and cooling with upgrades like insulation and HVAC technology.

We match the right contractor, cover the upfront costs and stand behind the work: Sealed only gets paid if the customer’s home saves energy.

Sealed is venture backed by a $4 Billion dollar asset manager and is based in New York City. The company was founded by Lauren Salz (McKinsey, Forbes 30 Under 30) and Andy Frank (energy efficiency veteran and expert).


What will you do?

 If you join as our Director of Sales, you will bring deep retrofits and comprehensive home energy improvements to the masses– creating more impact than many of us could ever imagine. 

Your team of managers and account executives will look to you for experience and wisdom to guide them through the tumultuous waters of consumer service sales.

You will build and oversee the team that helps homeowners across New Jersey, New York and Connecticut make life changing decisions– and you will actively participate in helping the company to scale nationwide.

In this cross-functional position, you’ll collaborate closely with leaders in Sales Enablement, Revenue Operations, Solution Engineering, and Contractor Management to make it easier to sell Sealed. 

Initially, you will be responsible for managing a team of 3-4 AE managers who will have approximately 20 account executives underneath them. You will:

  • Own monthly and quarterly revenue targets for the account executive team
  • Own other sales performance KPIs pursuant to company revenue targets
  • Manage recruitment, hiring and training of Account Executive and manager talent
  • Work closely with Sales Enablement to create a smooth training, onboarding and ongoing development process
  • Solve problems that make it easier to sell at Sealed

What success looks like?

A successful Director fo Sales will help us attract and maintain high quality sales manager and account executive talent. These managers will meet or exceed their monthly revenue targets. They will reward high performers, while striving for continuous improvement from the entire team. A successful director will execute on plans to enhance funnel efficiency and remove barriers to selling and to consumer adoption.


  • 6+ years of sales experience and 2+ years of sales management experience in a growing company.
  • Familiar with best practices in change management and facilitation
  • Experience In a high volume, high velocity sales organization
  • Experience building a team, including recruiting, onboarding and managing talent
  • Deep degree of familiarity with Sales metrics and KPIs
  • Ability to write effective copy & knowledge of sales script design
  • Familiarity with basic sales funnel architecture

About you

“Energy” and “enthusiasm” are your middle names. People want to follow you wherever you go to work. You have high expectations, and you inspire performance. Your can be tactile and tactful, applying soft skills and tenderness to mentor, to train and coach– and when the moment requires you can be ruthless, numerical and analytical.


  • Competitive Salary & Benefits Package
  • Health benefits
  • Stock options

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