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At Climatebase, we're mobilizing talent to accelerate climate solutions. We’re focused on solving one of the biggest challenges faced by organizations ...

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Job Description


  • Contribute in a fulll-time, part-time, or even "very-part-time" capacity as a content writer for Climatebase, the world's #1 climate hiring platform.
  • Content could include, but is not limited to:
    • deep dives of companies on Climatebase
    • interviews with founders of climate organizations
    • climate technology reports/summaries (i.e. ocean-based climate tech, soil carbon sequestration, etc...)
    • weekly climate news summaries
    • climate op-eds
    • and other types of content that YOU can help us write!
  • Content will be syndicated across our newsletters channels, twitter account, and will be published on our soon-to-launch blog. 
  • This is a rare opportunity to get in at the ground floor of an early-stage, rapidly growing digital climate tech startup that's making a major impact.
  • Plus, your content will be seen by over 60,000 newsletter subscribers (50% open rate or greater), thousands of twitter followers, and over 35,000 monthly active users on Climatebase.


About Climatebase:

We’re a rapidly growing startup focused on solving the #1 challenge faced by organizations working on climate: Hiring.

Our platform helps talented professionals discover climate job opportunities and transition into the space — and in doing so, we help climate-focused organizations hire the mission-driven talent they need to succeed.

Since our launch in July 2020, Climatebase has become the world's leading platform for climate jobs, talent, and community:

  • 500,000 people have used Climatebase to discover and apply to over 35,000 jobs at over 3,000 climate tech companies and environmental nonprofits.
  • We’ve developed one of the leading climate tech newsletters, Climatebase Weekly, which reaches 45,000 readers twice a week, with an average open rate above 50%. (If you’re familiar with newsletters, you’ll appreciate how impressive that is)
  • We’ve recently launched our first-of-many cohort-based courses, the Climatebase Fellowship, with an inaugural 150-person cohort of top talent from over 2,500 applicants we received. The program acheived a high NPS (net promoter score). We’re now actively looking to scale this current program while also launching new, more specialized CBCs (cohort-based courses).

Our audience: 

  • Over 60,000 emails; 45,000 subscribe to our newsletter 
  • Newsletter averages more then 50% open rates. 
  • Thousands of followers on twitter, where content is sydicated


Read more about Climatebase here.



The Role:

We are looking for a motivated & talented content writer to join our team. The commitment level is very flexible, and ranges from a few hours a month to full-time — it is up to you and how much availability you have!

Currently, our team sends out two newsletters per week, but we are excited to expand our content calender! Currently our two types of content are: 

  • "This Week in Climate": Each week we report on critical climate news to help keep you informed. 
  • "Recent Deals": The top startup fundraising deals in climate tech each week. 

While we have some ideas of what new content could be, like the ideas listed above, we are looking for motivated writers who are excited to come up with new content ideas themselves!


To apply, please include a link to writing sample, or a portfolio, in the cover letter.

At Climatebase, we're mobilizing talent to accelerate climate solutions. We’re focused on solving one of the biggest challenges faced by organizations ...

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