Nursery Assistant

  • Terraformation
  • Kamuela, HI
  • Jul 10, 2021

Job Description

Terraformation is hiring a Nursery Assistant to work in our Kailua Kona nursery. Terraformation’s overall mission is to grow forests on 3 billion acres of land.  Terraformation’s Forestry team is at the center of our company and Forest Technicians play a critical role in support of our mission by:
Implementing and maintaining Terraformation’s reforestation projects in Hawaii that demonstrate the effectiveness of our methods and equipment to the world.

This role is hands-on, detail oriented and requires consistency so the projects are successful at every stage of their development.  Every detail of the project is important and must be approached with attention. This role is located primarily in Kailua Kona.


  • Weeding by hand 
  • Fertilization of plants
  • Hand watering as needed
  • Treatment of pesticides as needed
  • Potting seedlings
  • Making media for the nursery
  • Blowing debris in the nursery weekly
  • Keeping storage organized and clean, empty trash
  • Doing seed collection in the field as needed
  • Working in the seed bank
  • Being flexible about job duties

Minimum Qualifications

  • 2+ years of nursery work experience

Ideal Qualifications

  • Knowledge of native Hawaiian species
  • Knowledge of restoration techniques
About Terraformation

Terraformation is a small startup team made up of people who passionately care about climate change.  We believe climate scientists when they tell us time is running out for human beings to preserve climate conditions that support the continuation of our species.  We are working to save the world from excess carbon emissions.

There are many mechanisms, programs, and agreements that governments can implement to reduce carbon emissions and to sequester atmospheric carbon.  However, we believe that none of these options are currently being executed at sufficient pace or scale to avert climate disaster.  Terraformation aims to focus the world on pragmatically doing-what-can-be-done rather than hypothetical doomsday what-if scenarios.

The most immediate, affordable, and scalable solution to climate change is to plant an enormous number of trees. Terraformation will, directly or indirectly, create 3 billion acres of new forest land within the next 30 years in order to re-absorb 45B tons per year of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.  

It is Terraformation’s mission to accelerate natural carbon capture through forestry tech.  We are committed to assisting partners remove bottlenecks to tree planting.

Read more about Terraformation on our blog: 

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